To see what a great value our property is, here is information on current listings for other Creede property (as of March 10, 2011).

COMPARABLE 1:  (Broker description) This 5,327 square feet of commercially-zoned land is located just off of Creede’s busy and historic Main Street. The property lies within view, sight and sound of the main intersection in downtown Creede.  Offered at $129,000  (OUR NOTES:  Perfect if you want all the sounds of downtown Creede at night and people walking past your house all the time!  This has NO HOME, NO OFFICE, NO SHOP and is priced at $24/square foot!)

COMPARABLE 2:  There are 3 properties adjacent to ours priced from $10/sq' to $21/sq', none of them have full utilities.  The two narrow parcels have no building improvements, so you'd be starting from the ground up.   The third parcel, right on the corner, has a rustic "general store" that is used only in the summer.

COMPARABLE #3:  (Broker description) Located on three town lots zoned commercial.  Great location for a high profile retail or office.  Location. Location. Location.  (OUR NOTE:  Offered at $225,000 or $30/sq'.  It has an old building that probably needs to be removed and has no home, office or shop and has little view!)

COMPARE THESE TO OUR PROPERTY:  We have a 8733 sq' property (larger than 3 standard lots) with a nice 2 BR-2BA  mobile, a 400 sq' heated office building, a 360 sq' shop, lots of off-street parking and.....fantastic views.  What a value at only $139,900 which is only $16/sq'.  It is ready to move into, NOW!!!! 

On our property, you can:

  • Live in the mobile and enjoy the views while you build your dream home
  • Sell the mobile for cash to help build your dream home
  • Add onto the office and build your dream home (check zoning)
  • Convert the office into an efficiency apartment  (check zoning)
  • Establish a business (check zoning)
  • Rent out the mobile to pay your mortgage until you are ready to build (it has been continuously rented since we moved out in January, 2008)

Let's make a deal NOW!  If you have questions or need more information, e-mail us at

Compare similar properties so your money goes further when you invest in Creede!

Description Asking Price and Sq. Ft. PriceWhat do you get for your money?
 Comp 1$129,000     $24/sq. ft. No home, no office, no buildings
 Comp 2 Prices vary    $10-$24/sq. ft. Empty lots, not all utilities
 Comp 3 $225,000     $30/sq. ft. Old building to tear down
 OURS $139,900    $16/Sq. Ft. Home, shop, office, water, elect., parking   

Compare Ours to Other Creede Property